Why Pick One When You Can Get Them All

Life in the yard can be tough sometimes, let’s face it, who wants to do yard work? Not us. We figure if you HAVE to do it, might as well make it as easy as possible, right? So, lucky for you, we have created a “tree care package” where you can get everything you need to do tree clean up all at once. You read it right… everything you need in ONE place! We know, we’re pretty awesome. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about our “tree care package.” It’s pretty great so keep reading.


This is the first piece of equipment you will need, unless you are wanting to take a lifetime to use a handsaw to cut branches off your tree. Chainsaws may look pretty simple, but you will need to read the owner’s manual to make sure you understand it. The manual will help you understand all the controls and safety features. We’re here to tell you… ALWAYS follow the safety recommendations, your goal is to cut off a tree limb, not one of your own. A chainsaw will help you begin the process of getting the tree trimmed or taken completely out. How are you going to reach those tall branches, unless you’re the Jolly Green Giant, you’re going to need a towable man lift. Read the next explanation for information about this piece of equipment…

Towable Man Lift

Like we said, if you’re not the Jolly Green Giant, you’re probably going to need this. This piece of equipment will vertically reach 45 feet, we don’t know anyone that tall! If you’re needing to get high up to cut those upper branches down, this is the piece of equipment for you. We know it’s called a towable “man” lift, but women can use it too! So whether you’re a man or woman, getting high enough to reach those branches will be possible with the towable man lift. How are you going to get those branches broken down? Unless you have a pet beaver, you’re probably going to need a wood chipper…

Wood Chipper

This is a quick way to turn your branches into small pieces that are easy to haul. This is another piece of equipment you need to carefully read and follow the safety instructions for, because again you are trying to grind apart tree limbs, not your own! You can read our previous blog for some safety tips when operating this piece of equipment. At this point in the project you’ll have all your tree branches cut, and if you are taking the entire tree out you’ll need your tree trunk cut down (as much as possible), and then you’ll need a stump grinder, because no amount of human strength is going to pull that thing out of the ground…

Stump Grinder

If you try to remove your tree stump with other methods you’ll probably end up with a hole the size of a Buick, so just stick to the stump grinder. This thing will do some serious damage to that annoying stump, and you’ll have it out of there in no time. So now that your tree(s) has been cut down and ground up, you’ll need a dump trailer to remove it all, unless you’d rather load it all up in trash bags and hall it to the dump yourself…

Dump Trailer

A dump trailer is well… just that, a trailer you use to haul stuff to the dump. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t load itself, so you’ll have to do that part. We recommend wearing some thick work gloves to protect your hands during this stage. After that’s all done the only thing left to do is dump it!

There you have it folks, all the tools you need to do tree care, all in one place! We’d be happy to answer any questions, so feel free to comment or email us. Rent all these equipment pieces from the one and only Black Dog Equipment.


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