We thought it would be fun to get to know some of our customers a bit better so we are pleased to introduce our new Customer Spotlight. We will be showcasing a customer once a quarter. These are mainly small business owners that you may not have heard of but make a large impact in our community. It’s always interesting learning the back story and finding out about the unique individuals who make up our towns.

Customer Spotlight – First Quarter 2020

Justin Beaver of Beav’d It Enterprises LLC

Our first contractor for our customer spotlight is Justin Beaver, the owner/operator of Beav’d It Enterprises LLC. The type of work that Justin focuses on is quite broad. His concentration is mostly on civil construction with a secondary focus on new and old construction needs, including excavation, grading, demolition, welding and fabrication.

Justin has been working in the construction industry since 1993, following in his dad’s footsteps. It wasn’t just his dad’s example that made Justin want to pursue construction…what young man doesn’t enjoy running equipment and working outside?! The fact that there is always opportunity for growth and the industry is a good foundation for business, has kept Justin in the construction world.

The main characteristics that make Justin stand out are his integrity, honor and passion in helping other people. “I have been blessed, so I want to help others!” Justin said during his interview. He backs up his words with action. After leaving our store one day he came across a person whose vehicle had broken down. Long story short, he provided the person with gas for their vehicle, then proceeded to jump start the vehicle when the fuel wasn’t enough.

What makes Justin the right fit for your job? Efficiency. That is his primary goal while working on your job. His specialties that make him efficient are being a skilled equipment operator, quick at problem solving and great at finding solutions. Currently, Justin primarily works by himself to keep costs low, although he is open to finding people to work with him who are the right fit. Justin’s busiest time of year is early spring through late fall. During that time of year, the days are longer, giving him the opportunity to work longer hours to get the job done. Although, he is open for work all year round.

Justin doesn’t do a lot of advertising; he trusts word of mouth to keep him busy. If you are interested in learning more about Justin and Beav’d It Enterprises LLC, please reach out to him at (970)596-8995. Please leave him a message, as he is usually running equipment through the day…or running from confused fans!