We thought it would be fun to get to know some of our customers a bit better so we are pleased to introduce our new Customer Spotlight. We will be showcasing a customer once a quarter. These are mainly small business owners that you may not have heard of but make a large impact in our community. It’s always interesting learning the back story and finding out about the unique individuals who make up our towns.

Customer Spotlight – Fourth Quarter 2020

Maven Construction

Maven Construction FamilyAll of us here at Black Dog Equipment would like to take the time to spotlight some of our customers that are small business owners that you may not have heard of but make a large impact in our community. This quarter we have Dusty Duncan and Josh Hollingshead, co-owners of Maven Construction.

Josh and Dusty both grew up in the Montrose area and graduated from Montrose High School. If you were around before 2004 you probably remember seeing Josh and Dusty at many sporting events through the high school. Please read below to get to know Josh and Dusty better and learn more about their values as a company.

What made you decide to get your start in this line of work?

Josh and I made the decision many years ago to get Bachelor’s degrees in Construction Management through CSU. After doing so, we embarked on our journey to build our careers in a way that would set us up for future success. Josh took on a role in Government Contracting while I went down the road of High end residential and commercial construction. We paired up with a local contractor for the past couple years to refine our skills and team efforts to provide Montrose with a quality, professional team to deliver clients with the highest-level product possible.

Why do you continue to work in this industry?

Construction is not just a line of work to Josh and I; it is a passion. That is why we will continue to work in the industry. Providing clients of all sorts with the level of customer support, client satisfaction, and project delivery that we would desire for ourselves.

What are your core values as a person and as a business owner?

Honesty, Integrity, Motivation, detail oriented, and being a team player.

How long have you been in this business?

16 years+

How many people do you have working with you? How does that affect your scheduling and what does that mean for most projects that you do?

We currently have three guys working with us allowing our company the diversity to take on multiple projects simultaneously, without effecting the schedule or quality of any project. The craftsmen we have chosen to work with are top quality and resonate our company’s core values.

What areas do you service?

100-mile radius from Montrose.

What are your specialties?

General Contracting first and foremost, self-performing from the ground up to the finish trim. We allow the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) trades to do their work, after we build the structure, and then we are back in with the finish work. We try to provide our clients with a controlled building system by eliminating confusion lost through translation of differing subcontractors. We take ownership of past, present, and future scopes of work as we construct your project. 

 What is the best way for customers to get in touch with you?

Call us at (970) 275-4294 Dusty or (970) 209-2374 Josh. You can also visit our website at MavenConstruction.Pro. This will provide you with a company profile, past projects, and an email address that you can send any plans, questions, or requests to.

What is your busiest time of year?

Construction never stops. We will provide our clients with quality products year around.

What is something about yourself that many people don’t know?

Dusty: Though I do not claim it on my resume, I have been involved in construction my whole life. My Dad and Grandad raised my brothers and I in manners that always kept us busy building something. My grandad gave to my brothers and I his beloved cabin that we helped him build over thirty years ago. Inside are photos of us kids as young as five years old peeling logs that he fell for this cabin. Every weekend for most of my life was spent building my grandad’s and my dad’s cabins outside of Montrose.

Josh: I am an avid archery hunter and fisherman. When not working, my favorite time spent is in the woods with my family enjoying the abundant wildlife and amazing outdoor activities that the surrounding area has to offer. I lived in North Carolina for 2 years right on the beach, which was amazing, but there is nothing like the backyard, Montrose Colorado has to offer.