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Equipment Service

Rental Equipment Service & Technical Support

Routine service, proper inspection and preventative maintenance is essential to keep equipment running safely and at peak performance. At Black Dog Equipment, all of our rental equipment is maintained to the highest of standards and will be delivered to your site in optimal condition and ready to perform the task at hand.

However, we here at Black Dog Equipment, realize that not all issues can be foreseen and/or prevented. In the unfortunate instance of a breakdown, our skilled and certified technicians are here to help to minimize downtime by having on-call service, advanced mobile repair capabilities, proper technology, and extensive knowledge of the heavy equipment industry.

Customer Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

Let Black Dog Equipment bring the same dedication and commitment we have for our own fleet and apply it to yours. Black Dog Equipment offers all the same great services we perform on our own equipment to our customers. With in-shop and on-site service, we are the area’s leading resource for prompt and proper service and repair of all types of construction equipment. Our technicians are certified to service and repair most leading brands of forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts and many other general construction types equipment.

Our Services:

  • Hydraulic Repair

    • Diagnostics & troubleshooting
    • PARKER brand hoses made in minutes while you wait
    • Fittings and adapters in stock: standard, CAT flange & even METRIC!
    • Cylinder resealing
    • Major component repair (pumps, motors, valve assemblies)
  • Engine Repair

    • Diagnostics & troubleshooting
    • Minor repair (fuel systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, etc.)
    • Major repair (replacement, rebuild, recondition, etc.)
  • General Maintenance

    • Oil changes with multi-point inspections included
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Pre-delivery inspections
    • Quarterly & Annual boom/service inspections
    • Minor welding & fabrication
  • Powertrain

    • Brakes
    • Steering
    • Chassis repair
    • Axle and differential servicing and repair
Black Dog Equipment Shield for dark backgrounds

Schedule a Service or Repair

Give our service team a call at (970) 252-1512 or email us by filling out the form and let us help you maintain and protect your valuable equipment now and for many years to come. We look forward to assisting you!

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