Why Rent?

  • Fewer support items means reduced overhead. Renting cuts costs by eliminating the need for storage, maintenance and repair parts, a service area, and maintenance staff.
  • Support when you need it. Renting provides 24/7 support when you have equipment-related needs after hours.
  • Comprehensive equipment knowledge. Rental professionals advise and train on the general and specialized tools and equipment for rent.
  • Project flexibility. Renting allows you to perform seasonal, temporary or specialized work.
  • Performance guaranteed. Rental equipment should come with a worry-free guarantee assuring you that equipment will be serviced and properly maintained.
  • Keep projects on schedule. Renting helps reduce both downtime from equipment maintenance and the cost of parts and labor.
  • Delivery to your job site. Renting can eliminate the hassles and costs of transporting equipment with delivery options.
  • Demo the latest equipment. Renting allows access to the most advanced, innovative equipment available.

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