Pumps / Pressure Washers

Black Dog Equipment is proud to offer pump and pressure washer rentals for our Montrose, Colorado customers! We have multiple pump options for potable and non-potable water. And don’t be fooled by the fact our pressure washer rental pushes cold water. It has the power to do any cleaning you will need done.


Water Pressure for Rent
3″ Trash Pump – MultiQuip QP3TH
Water Pressure for Rent
2″ Trash Pump – MultiQuip MQ-QP2TH
submersible clean water pump for rent in Montrose, CO
2″ Submersible Clean Water Pump – MultiQuip ST2037

Pressure Washers

pressure washer for rent in Montrose, CO
Pressure Washer – Mi-T-M CBA-3504-1MGH