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The clocks have changed and the days are shorter – which means winter is almost here – but don’t let the changing seasons keep you from getting your jobs done right.

The list of home and business projects are endless, but there are certain jobs that almost always take place in the winter. Renting equipment from a professional rental company ensures that the equipment is always clean and in proper running condition. If you own your own equipment, the upkeep alone can cost you precious time and money, which some project deadlines don’t allow much room for.

Black Dog Equipment offers many equipment rental options but here are some that can aid you in your winter projects:

Log Splitter

Keep warm this winter season with logs you split yourself, but with the ease of a log splitter! Our 30-ton log splitter rental is a piece of equipment used for splitting firewood from logs that have been pre-cut in sections. The machine we rent out can cut a max log size of 25” x 16” using 3500lbs psi. You can request the 2” ball/hitch if needed. This log splitter cycles in 14 seconds and includes an automatic return.

Right side of 30 Ton Log Splitter


You got the inside of your house all cozy warm, now it’s time to light up the outside with some festive holiday lights! Don’t pull a Clark Griswold and staple your shirt to the house with your staple gun, causing yourself to lose your ladder (movie reference), instead, rent a man lift or a scissor lift to hang those lights with ease.

What goes up must always come down, when you’re ready to take down your lights the man lift or scissor lift is perfect for that too!

We offer lifts that vertical reach from 19′ to 60′. Currently, our maximum horizontal reach is 50’8” with our Genie S-60 man lift. For your convenience, Black Dog Equipment also offers a tow-able man lift, the Haulotte 4527A. This can be hauled with a normal half-ton pickup truck.


Although winter isn’t the most ideal time of the year to start new construction, sometimes that’s just how it happens. If you need a hand with your heavy lifting, we have the equipment to help! Our telehandlers can lift up to 10,000lbs! Need an attachment for that? We offer multiple attachments for all-terrain forklifts/telehandlers including a truss boom and a man basket attachment.

If your new construction requires some digging, we can help with that too. There is no need to break your back with the repetitive motion of a hand-held shovel, especially when you can sit in comfort in one of our backhoes or mini excavators. All in the name of convenience we can also cater to your bucket size needs.

Call Ahead

Colorado isn’t completely covered in snow yet, so if you wish to beat the precipitation we advise calling now. We rent out our equipment and heavy machinery based on availability so it’s a good idea to schedule your rentals sooner rather than later. We rent equipment out for as little as four hours up to an open-ended time frame.

Get Your Winter Projects Done

Whether you’re a first-time heavy equipment renter or just need to get a job done real quick, Black Dog Equipment is with you every step of the way. While we can’t operate the machinery for you, it is our promise that you’ll have the proper knowledge on anything you rent from us because we’ll take all the time needed to make you feel comfortable operating the equipment you’re renting. Safety is our top priority.

We began Black Dog Equipment recognizing the importance of customer relationships and service — we continue to strive to always provide great customer service. Our team at Black Dog Equipment looks forward to helping you this winter in any way possible.