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“Ruff!” I’m Baxter and I put the ‘Dog’ in Black Dog Equipment. While wandering around the lot, I noticed two very similar machines with one major difference. One had tires, like on the cars I chase, and the other had tracks. “So what’s the difference?” I asked myself. I decided to follow my people around the store to find out.

Skid Steer or Compact Track

What I’ve heard from my owners is that one is called a skid steer loader and the other is a compact track loader. When my owners use these I like chasing them around. The skid steers operate on concrete or asphalt, where they move quickly and easily. I really enjoy playing in the snow and mud but the skid steer has a hard time keeping up; this is where the compact track loader comes in. Its tracks grip onto soft surfaces and allow the chase to continue. From what I can gather, both do the job well. You just need to know what surfaces you’ll be driving on so you can choose the right one to use.

Why rent a Skid Steer

Using the information I could collect around the lot, I found promising qualities with the skid steer loader. The durability of tires means that it has no problem operating on surfaces that cars normally drive on. It is able to lift around 2000 lbs and its standard bucket can hold up to 0.6 cubic yards of material. I’m thinking it can haul a lot of bones! It is a go-to machine for various types of tasks including landscaping, construction, and even ice/snow removal. From what I understand, this machine doesn’t just move dirt. Using different attachments, it can also dig holes and lift things called pallets.

When renting the skid steer from us, a customer would get a smooth bucket attachment as the standard rental cost. Customers do have the option to rent a number of other attachments. Burying bones just got a whole lot easier!

Benefits of a Compact Track Loader

The compact track loader operates in a very similar fashion to the skid steer but is able to move through different terrains. The standard rental comes with a smooth bucket included but customers are able to rent many of the same attachments for the compact track loader that are available with the skid steer. I can collect a lot of bones with this loader as well! The compact track loader can lift almost 3,000 lbs and it can also hold up to 0.6 cubic yards of material! This loader is much more efficient when it comes to moving in terrain like mud and snow. While uneven terrain, slopes, and muddy or snowy ground conditions can be very challenging and tough on skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders are designed and built to handle these types of conditions. Put it this way, I was riding with my owner in one of these and jumped out into the mud, I was up to my belly in mud but the track loader stayed afloat. Although it is possible to use it on harder surfaces, the operator must be careful as its tracks are more susceptible to damage compared to the skid steer. Like getting a thorn in my paw, but much worse!

I’ve smelled contractors, landscapers, and snow removers, and many other types of people coming and renting these machines to help complete their tasks. Maybe you’d like to come visit us at Black Dog Equipment and rent either a skid steer loader or a compact track loader. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind if you gave me a tummy rub while you are here!

Side profile of Caterpillar 259D Skid Loader for Rent