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Are you ready to get your yard cleaned up but have unwanted brush, branches, or tree trunks you are needing to get rid of? A wood chipper can make this process a lot more simple. Chipping up these types of things will get rid of it a lot more quickly than hauling it away or trying to burn it. Plus, chipping keeps you from having the environmental impact that burning causes. Another great thing about the chipper is you can use the mulch created and you’ll save money on purchasing mulch for your landscaping needs. Wood chips are very useful in gardens, around swing sets, or in areas that you want softer ground than concrete. Wood chippers are great for many things, but using it right is very important in order to avoid injury. We are going to share some helpful tips with you that will help you be prepared to rent and use a wood chipper.

Obtaining a Chipper

First, you’ll need to locate a wood chipper that is available. Black Dog Equipment offers an online rental request form for our Wood Chipper Rental, allowing our customers to easily request to rent from us. Since chippers are portable, it is easy to rent them and bring them to your property to do the job you want to do. Instead of spending a few hundred or even thousand dollars on buying a chipper, renting one is a great option.

Safety Features

Find out the safety features for the specific wood chipper you will be using. Knowing where the emergency stop controls are located and the meaning of any safety decals, as well as the location and purpose of any safety guards are all important. Never disable any safety features, even if you find them irritating during operation. They are there for your safety.

Be Prepared

Safe operation of a wood chipper begins with proper planning and preparation long before the power is turned on and the work begins. Gather your personal protection equipment before operation. This includes; tight-fitting clothing, a hardhat, eye and ear protection, non-slip shoes or boots and close-fitting gloves with no cuffs. You’ll want eye and head protection in case of flying debris, ear protection because of the high noise environment, and if work gloves are used to protect the hands, they should be cinched tight to provide a close fit to prevent tree limbs from accidentally “grabbing” the glove and pulling you into the machine. Loose fitting clothing and hanging jewelry should be avoided to help prevent “grabbing” as well.


Always inspect the chipper, and the work-site before use to ensure there is nothing out of place, or odd. Know how to feed the chipper safely and how to position your body during use. Never reach into the wood chipper with your hands or feet. When feeding the wood chipper you should be using a wooden push paddle or stick, not something made of metal. You should never operate a wood chipper when you are by yourself.

If you’re getting your yard cleaned up, a wood chipper can definitely come in handy. You can rent a wood chipper for a short period or time, or for as long as you need. We hope these tips will help you with the preparation and process of renting and using a wood chipper.